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Commercial Floor Stripping, Waxing, Polishing

Pro Cleaning Solutions, performs an array of floor cleaning services like floor stripping, waxing and polishing in buildings throughout the Dallas / Fort Worth area. We specialize in commercial cleaning services, especially floor waxing for Vinyl Composite Tile, also known as VCT.

If you own or manage an office building or retail outlet in Dallas / Fort Worth area, there’s a good chance that your floor is made of VCT. If so, Pro Cleaning Solutions, is here to maintain your floor’s surface quality, feel and aesthetic.

About VCT

Buildings with VCT floors will have unique maintenance schedules that differ according to a variety of factors. These include the amount of foot traffic that crosses the floor, how close the tiles are to entryways and exits and the visual quality that you desire. Aside from waxing, we also strip, polish and deep clean floors. A well-maintained floor will impress customers and be less likely to incur costly damage.

Commercial Floor Stripping, Waxing, Polishing in the Dallas / Fort Worth area

We’re proud to offer two distinct types of VCT waxing services. The first entails the full stripping of the floor down to the bare tile. Our other waxing service scrubs the tile to take off part of the floor coating. We then re-wax it to create a beautiful luster that will appeal to customers and also protect your floor for the long haul. If your floor is in particularly rough shape, it is advisable to opt for the full strip and wax service.

Customers should be aware that when extensive periods of time pass between floor coatings, certain blemishes might not be able to be entirely removed even with a full floor tile stripping. This typically happens when deep scratches and indentations occur on pitted floors that support moving fixtures. While some imperfections might still remain, they’ll be minimal and Elite Deep Cleaners’ complete stripping will create a marked improvement that will meet even the highest of expectations.

Scrub and Wax Benefits

Offices, retailers and other customers who don’t desire an entire floor stripping will be well served with a frequent scrub and wax. Our team will perform this maintenance with the exact same advanced equipment as a floor stripping but it won’t take as much time and elbow grease. It will bring out your floor’s shine and extend its lifespan. You’ll notice a substantial reduction in blemishes, scuff marks, scratches, scrapes and other visual imperfections. Once Elite has scrubbed and waxed your floors across three sessions, you’ll likely have to progress to a full stripping of the floor coating.

As a family-run business, Pro Cleaning Solutions takes pride in being accessible and dependable. Pro Cleaning Solutions offers the best carpet cleaning service in the area. We demonstrate our to excellence with our outstanding reputation with the Better Business Bureau. With an A rating, you can count on Pro Cleaning Solutions to treat you fair and get the job done right!

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